Enife Osaro Atobiloye

        <h1>(GPHR, S-CP, SWP)</h1>      
        <h4>"Everyone Has Something To Give"</h4>       
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        <h6>What I Do</h6>      
        <h2>I'm All About One Thing: Helping People Live A More Productive Life.</h2>       
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        <h3>PLACE OF PURPOSE</h3>       
    <strong>Enife</strong>, coaches people on Self-Leadership to living a more productive life.

She is an addict of the “Secret Place” and the convener of “Ceaseless Praise”.

Ceaseless Praise was borne out of an unforgettable testimony of God’s goodness and mercy.

Ceaseless Praise is a platform of pure worship and deep fellowship that holds every December.

        <h6>My Expertise</h6>       
        <h2>I Can Help You In Any Of These Ways</h2>        
        <h3>Organizational Design & Strategy</h3>       
        <h3>Team Building & Engagement</h3>     
        <h3>Corporate Planning (Retreats)</h3>      
        <h3>Diversity and Inclusion</h3>        
        <h3>HR Policy & Procedure</h3>      
        <h3>Culture Management</h3>     
        <h3>Change Management</h3>      
        <h3>Talents & Executive Search</h3>     
        <h3>Assessments & Tests</h3>        
        <h3>Coaching & Mentoring</h3>       
        <h3>Board Selection & Advisory</h3>     
        <h3>Training & Leadership Development</h3>      
        <h3>Performance Management Design</h3>      
        <h3>Compensation & Reward Structure</h3>        
        <h3>Strategic Workforce Planning</h3>       
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Achievements and Accomplishments

Those I’ve Worked With

Working with Country Manager; we built up a team of over 30 Oil & Gas professionals from scratch.

The span was Nigeria (PH, Warri & Lagos), Angola and South Africa.
Designed and implemented selection strategies (Assessment centers and others) for several clients; Strategies that attracted, screened, selected, negotiated compensation, hired and on-boarded the right prospects; working in partnership with functional leadership to attain strategic Corporate objectives.
Managed the selection and recruitments of the Executive Directors and C-Suites of the Top-tiers Telecommunications and Fibre-Optics organization in Nigeria and Africa at large.
Providing strategic leadership for the executive search to fill the role of Group CEO, COO, Group Business Development Officer and Communication/Marketing Executives for Australia’s Largest Agribusiness.
Designed and Implemented a Nationwide Assessment Center and Selection Process of one Nigeria’s biggest FMCGs (fast Moving Consumer Goods) firm across the nation for over 342 professionals.
Facilitated a 3-day workshop on the joint analysis Landscaping of Nigeria Private & Public Programs in Kaduna and Lagos State NURHI project.

Reduced fixed asset audit comments by half in 1 year leading to commendation from the finance Director of Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative.
Expatriate Management: On-boarding & general liaison point – Expat homes + official Cars, Immigration; Expatriate quotas, STR Visas, general welfare.
For the Sub-Sahara segment, I consistently supplied and maintained accurate information of Landmark’s (A Halliburton Company) Learning product Certification Assessments &Tests for five years.
Conducted robust road shows across universities/NYSC camps in Client Brand campaign efforts and also as part of internal strategy for entry level recruitment.

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Let Me Help You Live A More Productive Life.

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